The Zürcher Filmstiftung and the Zurich Film Festival continue to pursue their joint aim: the second Zurich Film Day on Tuesday, September 28, once again focusses on Zurich as a centre of film production, and highlights the economic and social importance of filmmaking to both the city and canton by organising the second open-day ‘film stroll’ along the value chain of the filmmaking business. In addition, the ZFF will screen local films from its official selection and complete the day with the Zurich Film Night.

How successful films are made in zurich

F.l.t.r.: Christian Jungen, Corine Mauch, Bettina Oberli and Alain Berset at last year’s ZFF. © Andreas Rentz/Getty Images for ZFF

Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) and the Zürcher Filmstiftung once more throw a spotlight on Switzerland’s movie-making capital on September 28: around two thirds of the country’s domestic filmmaking giants, including (post)production companies, distributors and cinemas, are based in Zurich. “Swiss films are on the rise internationally and many successful productions such as MY WONDERFUL WANDA by Bettina Oberli, THE AWAKENING OF MOTTI WOLKENBRUCH by Michael Steiner or EDEN FÜR JEDEN by Rolf Lyssy were developed, financed and shot in Zurich,” explains Christian Jungen, Artistic Director of the Zurich Film Festival. “The people appreciate local filmmaking, but still know too little about how much added value the film industry generates and how many jobs it creates. We want to change that with the Zurich Film Day.”

As well as carrying Zurich stories out into the wider world, local productions and filmmaking as a cultural commodity and creative magnet in general makes a region more diversified, more attractive and contributes to a better quality of life, which is why the second Zurich Film Day offers the general public an opportunity to get up close and personal with all aspects of the filmmaking business. “The Zurich Film Festival draws attention to local filmmaking. Visitors who not only like to watch films but also want to know where and how they are made in the city of Zurich are cordially invited to take part in the Zurich ‘film stroll’,” emphasises Zurich’s mayor Corine Mauch.

“The production of Swiss movies is only possible with the help of public funding,” adds Julia Krättli, Managing Director of the Zürcher Filmstiftung, “which is why we are delighted to collaborate with the ZFF and the participating organisations to offer the general public a behind-the-scenes peek at film production.”

How successful films are made in zurich

The map for the ‘film stroll’ will be available shortly on

The Zurich Film Day centres around the Film Stroll, which leads visitors to various Zurich-based production companies and other enterprises that are essential to the local filmmaking scene. From financing to development, from production and post-production to distribution, the doers and makers of the Zurich film industry throw open their doors to offer a fascinating insight into the work they do. Visitors can, for example, discover how an animation film is made, learn how movies are planned, how they reach the final cut and even breathe in the sweet set air of film studios. The Film Stroll is free of charge and does not require a reservation.

The following film industry players will be opening their doors to the public:
Aaron Film GmbH, Abrakadabra Films AG, Andromeda Film AG, Ascot Elite Entertainment, Cinegrell GmbH, Condor Films AG, Contrast Film Zürich GmbH, Eis am See/Produktion, Filmgerberei GmbH, First Hand Films GmbH, Gentinetta Film, Glaus Casting, Great Garbo – Baldenweg, Magnetix Tonstudio AG, Maximage GmbH, Studio uuuh!, Zürcher Hochschule der Künste, Zürcher Filmstiftung

Local cinemas will also screen various Zurich films from the ZFF programme throughout the day. The second Zurich Film Day will be rounded off by the now traditional Zurich Film Night, which aims to promote exchange between politicians and film-makers.

The complete programme of the 17th Zurich Film Festival will be published on Thursday, September 9, from 12 noon at It can also be viewed on the official festival app Tribo, where a personal festival programme can be compiled as well. Ticket sales start on September 13.

Zurich ‘Film Stroll’

The ‘film stroll’ will take place for the second time on Tuesday, September 28, 2021. Participation is free of charge and proceeds without pre-registration. The detailed program will be announced soon. Due to the limited capacity in the office premises, the first-come, first-served principle applies. Protective measures have top priority for the organizers and will continously be adapted to the current situation. The Zurich Film Day will be rounded off by the now traditional Zurich Film Night, which aims to promote exchange between politicians and film-makers. The organisers are looking forward to another Zurich Film Day and to inspiring encounters at the ‘film stroll’.

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Zurich Film Festival

The Zurich Film Festival (ZFF) is the largest autumn festival in the German-speaking world. Over 11 days, it presents the greatest discoveries and the year’s most anticipated movies. The ZFF promotes exchange between upcoming directors, established filmmakers, the film industry and the general public. In the year of Corona 2020, the ZFF was able with great success to implement a physical and comprehensive 165-film programme, attracting 68’000 viewers (2019: 117’000) and thousands of accredited film and media workers from across (almost) the entire globe – ‘Cause Life is Better with Movies! The 17th edition takes place from September 23 until October 3, 2021.

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Zürcher Filmstiftung

The Zürcher Filmstiftung has been promoting professional filmmaking in the canton of Zurich since 2005. It supports the development of screenplays and shot lists, and the realisation, promotion and distribution of films. The foundation is financed by the canton of Zurich, the city of Zurich and the cantonal fiscal equalisation scheme, as well as by returns on the foundation’s capital and income from successful films. Further info:

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How successful films are made in Zurich

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