An aimless girl in her final week of college goes to great lengths to win the affections of a boy from her hometown, Philadelphia and ends up having to confront anxieties about her love life, family, and future.

Actual people

A mumblecore for people of color.

Screening Schedule

Press Screening 
Aug. 7 (Sat.) 17:30 Teatro KursaalFirst Public Screening 
(Presentation and Q&A) 
Aug. 9 (Mon.)  17:00 La Sala (Sub French)

Repeat Screening
Aug. 10 (Tue.)  13:30 PalaCinema 3 Leopard Club (Sub French)

Aug. 10 (Tue)  13:30  PalaCinema 2  (Sub French)

Available for Interview
Kit Zauhar (director)

Debut Feature in Locarno Competition ‘Actual People’ | Save the Dates!

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