The Festival des 3 Continents is back for its 43rd edition from November 19-28, with screenings in Nantes and in cinemas across the Loire-Atlantique region (Ancenis, Clisson, Héric, Saint-Herblain, and Saint-Nazaire). A selection of films will be made available online in all of France. The festival selection will include a wide range of fiction and documentary films from Africa, Latin America, and Asia.


For its 43rd edition, the Festival des 3 Continents is presenting over 80 films, many of which in premiere. In addition to its official selection mostly composed of recent films, the festival will also pay tribute to the renowned Japanese studio Shochiku in its centenary year; celebrate 20 years of Produire au Sud (the festival’s international co-production workshop); hold an open-air screening, and present films for younger audiences.

. Official Selection
The Festival des 3 Continents will feature a vast array of special screenings of recent films (fictions and documentaries), some of which were adversely affected by the difficulties of recent times. They will provide a backdrop to the International Competition composed by films in French premiere.

. 100 Years of Shochiku
Originally specialised in kabuki productions, Shochiku embarked on filmmaking on February 11, 1920. In the space of a few short years, the studio established itself as one of the most important in Japanese history, a fact that is still true to this day. The biggest names in the industry – Yasujiro Ozu, Kenji Mizoguchi, Mikio Naruse, Akira Kurosawa, to name a few – spent all or part of their careers there.
The Festival des 3 Continents is determined to celebrate Shochiku’s 100th anniversary in 2021, having been unable to do so in 2020. (Photo: Hunters in the Dark by Hideo Gosha)

100 years of shochiku

. 20 years of Produire au Sud
Through the lens of a few emblematic screenwriters, the Festival des 3 Continents will look back on the past 20 years of its Produire au Sud workshop. A diverse selection of films illustrates how successful Produire au Sud and the Festival des 3 Continents have been in achieving one of their core ambitions: supporting emerging writers and producers
Films from this programme will be made available online in all France.

20 years of produire au sud
As part of this 20th anniversary year, the Festival des 3 Continents will also host the 21st workshop on international coproduction tools. Six producer/director pairs and their respective feature film projects are selected to take part and benefit from the experience, teaching, and on-going support of a group of experts, from development to the beginning of production. (Photo: La Niña Santa by Lucrecia Martel)

. A Place on Earth
A programme as a dialogue with Miguel Torga’s aphorism, “The universal is the local without walls”, and even more so a response to the limited views endured from the many and difficult restrictions of recent months. It is a small digression through a dozen films, suitable for all audiences. Certain films will be presented to secondary-school students as an introduction to the theme including Alamar by Pedro González Rubio, Beasts of the Southern Wild by Benh Zeitlin, Life, and Nothing More by Abbas Kiarostami, and Pather Panchali (Song of the Little Road) by Satyajit Ray. (Photo: Alamar by Pedro González Rubio)

A place on earth

. First Steps Towards 3 Continents
First Steps Towards the 3 Continents offers a selection of films for children and families. There are three different programmes according to age group for pupils from kindergarten through elementary school. (Photo: The Secret World of Arrietty by Hiromasa Yonebayashi )

First steps towards 3 continents

. Open-air screening
In collaboration with Les Machines de L’Île, the Festival des 3 Continents welcomes the general public to a free open-air screening on the evening of Saturday, November 20. Akira Kurosawa’s 1961 film Yojimbo [The Bodyguard], which served as the inspiration for Sergio Leone’s A Fistful of Dollars (1964), will be shown on the big screen. It will be followed by a concert (film scores), performed by the Nantes University Symphony Orchestra. (Photo: Yojimbo © 1961, TOHO Co., Ltd. All rights reserved)

Open air screening

. The 2020 Award Winners
Audiences will have the pleasure of discovering last year’s laureates, which could not be presented and whose films remain unseen in theatres.
In 2020, the Montgolfière d’or was awarded to two films: Moving on by Korean director, Yoon Dan-bi, and to Zero by Japanese director Kazuhiro Soda. The Young Jury Award went to Mexican film Kokoloko by Gerardo Naranjo. (Photo Zero by Kazuhiro Soda)

The 2020 award winners

The full programme will be announced November 4, 2021 at a press conference in Nantes that will also be live-streamed online (available afterwards on Facebook and Instagram).

. The 2021 Festival Poster
The image on the 2021 festival poster is taken from the film Manta Ray (2018) by Thai director Phuttiphong Aroonpheng and producer Mai Meksawan. The project was selected in 2011 by the Produire au Sud workshop in Nantes. The film then returned to Nantes to take part in the International Competition of the Festival des 3 Continents in 2018 and was released in France the following year. The poster itself was designed by the graphic design studio LESBEAUXJOURS.

The 2021 festival poster


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